1. Drawing 15x21 pencil, pastel and charcoal on paper 2014.


  2. Untitled 30x36 oil acrylic and pastel on canvas on wood 2013.


  3. Studio for the “Painter” 38x50 oil and pastel on canvas.


  4. 45x50 oil on canvas 2014


  5. Giant 40x50 oil on canvas  2014


  6. Untitled 30x40 oil on canvas 2014


  7. Marco Salvetti by Piero J.

    (Source: pierojawohli)


  8. Untitled 38x53 oil on canvas 2013


  9. B/W Studio Pic, Self Shot with Mirror. Apr. 014

    Study for A Game with Shifting Mirrors, Winter 2012. Pentax K 1000. Pic by Piero J.


  10. Untitled (Rocks and Mountains) 190x210 oil, charcoal and acrylic on canvas 2013